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(Soon to be) Published Games

Commercial Project

A 2D Metroidvania Platformer, developed by Ukuza. My role as game developer in this team is creating enemies, bosses, hazards and level designs


Unity Basic Project Setup
Unity Package

A basic project set-up package made by me which contains the following: Entities, Abilities, Buffs/Debuffs, Quests, Dialogues, Cinematics (and actions), Camera Movement, Fade In/Out, Color Utility and Math

Unity Math Utility
Unity Package

Some math helper functions which I found useful along my game dev journey

Unity General Fade Manager
Unity Package

Handles screen transitions and actions on fading in/out with delegates



My second year internship project. I had to work on a generic virtual show room for certain companies where customers would be able to see their items in the real world while being able to change them via an interface. The project was made in Unity with Vuforia for mobile phones and the Microsoft HoloLens.

The final grade was a 9.0

Neural Racer
School Project

A neural network project which lets car agents race around two different tracks and evolve by using evolutionary neural networks

The final grade for this project & its process document was a 9.5

Android Studio Project Bundle
School Projects

7 Android Studio projects made for school about all basic to intermediate functionality a mobile application could contain. Finalized with a game made in Android Studio with high-scores stored with ROOM


All of my games and other projects are listed here, some open-sourced.

Personal Project

A 2D Topdown Cyber-ish MetroidVania made during the summer of 2019. It started as a challenge to see what I could get finished in the summer with a large scope. There is no build, but the source code and design document are available

Game Design Document
Shield Knight
Game Jam 72h

A 2D platform game where you play as a knight out to exterminate great evils, but with his only weapon being a shield

Game Jam 48h

A layer based puzzle game where you have to connect all nodes in both layers to win! The layers are black and white, so are the node. Keeping track of which node is connected and how is key to winning

Relic Raider
Game Jam 72h

A 2D Turn-based Card Game. Steal all of the loot from the pyramid, but beware of the mummies guarding it! This game was made with an artist and musician for a small jam, I did the programming

Personal Project

A remake of my very first game every. A 2D top-down maze game where you dodge and weave through all of the stages to win! Try out your skills in the higher difficulties.

Game Jam 72h

A 2D Side-scrolling Shooter made with several restrictions which the old Game Boy had! Limited color palette, set pixel resolution and pixel perfect rendering

Trial of Ascension
School Project

A topdown 2D turn-based dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels which lead to a final boss battle. Features chests with random items, different 'biomes', floor traps, different types of enemies and a final boss battle!

The final grade for the game was a perfect 10

Power Spike
Personal Project

A 2D Bullet Hell Upgrade Shooter where you fight 10 bosses in a row, damage them to gain gold for permanent upgrades!

The Finite Universe
School Project / Processing

A 3D Medieval RTS Game where you play a small settlement in the center of a war between kingdoms. The only way to survive is to retaliate!

The final grade for the game was a 9.0 and the game was chosen to be the best out of all games that year at school by about 700 students

Ludum Dare Game Jam 72h

A 2D Top-down RTS Game where you play as a necromancer with your goal being the eradication of all humans in your vicinity. Unleash your plague once per level and watch death and destruction spread!

Hidden Home
Game Jam 48h

A 2D Horror/Thriller Game made for the Global Game Jam, play as a lonely man who starts to see strange things in his own home. This night could be his last.
Made with my Girlfriend

The Foreigner's Job
Game Jam 48h

It's the first day of your new job. Balance your stats by responding to random encounters with collegues. Don't burn out! Made with my Girlfriend for the Global Game Jam

Personal Project / Game Maker

A 2D Platform Game with a couple of intense boss fights and a punishing difficulty curve!

The Forgotten One
School Project / Game Maker

A Top-down Dungeon Crawler where you play as a paladin of the light. Venture into a dark dungeon to save your ally, use you light powers to your advantage as it lights up the area and hinders enemies! Find and defeat the Forgotten One

The final grade for the game was a 9.5

Kingdom Siege
School Project

A 3D Medieval RTS Game where you play a small settlement in the center of a war between kingdoms. The only way to survive is to retaliate! My contributions were the enemy kingdom AI and build orders, gathering AI, building placement, user interface, world map, polish and all level design.

The final grade for the game was a 9.0

Intergalactic Misfortune
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48h

A 2D RTS space game where you capture planets in order to build a fleet, each captured planet gives the player a random permanent debuff.

The game was ranked 37th overall on Ludum Dare.

Dimensional Complex
Personal Project

A 3D Platform Game where you have to dodge and weave through levels. The game records deaths and time, can you get the fastest time with the least amount of deaths?

Digital Abyss
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48h

A 2D Top-down Tron-like Arena Game. Jump onto your hover bike and defeat your opponents by walling them in with your trail!

Project Game Technology
School Project / Unreal Engine

A 3D Procedurally Generated FPS Game where you can fly around with a grappling hook. This was a project for school with 6 people, focussing on C++ and a professional process. Unfortunately the game did suffer from those limitations a bit, since the process had a higher priority than the game. My contributions were the grappling hook, the tutorial stage, general room design, general polish like screen fading.

The final grade for the game was a 9.0

The Fallen Prince
Game Jam

A 2D Medieval Hack'n'Slash Platformer. Get revenge on your kingdom's population by turning them into your minions, leave none alive!

Dungeon Drifter
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48h

A 2D Top-down RPG Shooter. Race through the mine full of hostile in your trusty mine-cart and wipe out all resistance! Gain experience and use it for the next runs when you die, levelling up increases the strength of your abilities and stats.

Cosmic Flinger
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48h

My first Unity game and made for Ludum Dare. A gravity based defense game where waves of enemies try to get to your side of the planet. Destroy them with three different shot types!

Summoner's Siege
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48h

A 2D Topdown Turnbased RTS game based on Advanced Wars. You play as a summoner who can summon reinforcements by spending mana. Defeat all of the enemies to win the stages.

Reddit Quest: Karma's Curse
Personal Group Project

A RPG game which fetches everything from loot, enemies, stats, abilities and more from Reddit itself! I wrote the initial back-end code to communicate and parse Reddit posts

No Resource Available due to my class mate continuing with this for a school project